Our History

.: 2002

January, 2002
Our two students from Smila, Irina Masluyk and Marina Yaroschuk are doing very well in our high school. Also, they have been very active in other community activities. A Ukrainian film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors was shown to the community at the DMACC facility. OPEN host a reception for Ukrainian journalists. This reception was held at the here in Newton at the Radisson. Olga Masluyk, the mother of our student was one of the journalists.

February, 2002
Both students continue to do well in Newton High school. One of the students name appeared in the Newton Paper in that she was on the HONOR ROLL for the nigh school. An insert to the Newton City report for OPEN covered activities of OPEN at DMACC for the Year Of Ukraine activities. Planning started for a trip to Ukraine by Newton Citizens probably in 2003.

March, 2002
We are looking for housing for two Korean students, which are staying at IRIS. The tour of Newton Citizens to travel to Ukraine is developing and it was suggested that the tour include sights in Kiev, Odessa, Cherkasy and Smila.

April, 2002
OPEN hosted a group of interns from Armenia, also, some journalism interns from Poltava Region in Ukraine. (They did not speak English). The Ukrainian film A Friend of the Deceased was screened at the Newton DMACC center on April 16th. OPEN received an anonymous donation for $1,000, which will be sent to Smila. Marvin Campbell videotaped our student for the 2002/2003 high school year.

May, 2002
Both of our student plan on the girls' high school tennis team. One of the students was both 2nd and 1st place player throughout the season. The students will return to their Ukrainian homes at the end of this month. There will be a farewell dinner on May 18, 2002. We are acquiring computers that will be sent to Ukraine. (We now have 8).

June, 2002
The Year Of Ukraine held at DMACC is coming to a successful conclusion. Smila Horizons newspaper featured a two page spread on Newton and our sister city relationship. Our organization sent an additional $250 to Sister Cities International for their use during their relocation move.

July, 2002
We received notification that Anna & Lena would be arriving later in August 2002. And, two host families have to be located. We started the planning to bring a Ukrainian teacher from Smila to Newton this fall. The Student Art program with Cherkasy residents continues as reported by Marvin Campbell.

August, 2002
We continue to contact LOT Airline in an attempt to recover some $1,400 an amount they charged us for the flight of the Ukrainian Chefs. We decided to contribute 3 amounts of $500 each to the Lyceum, Smila Regional Hospital and to the Children's Therapeutic Hospital. We will show three pictures here of that donation.

September, 2002
We will purchase a symbol of our organization to place at both the east and west entrances to Newton. We purchased a memorial for John McNeer's wife who passed away recently. It will be a tree in the park located at Rotary Point. Jane Ann Cotton reported on the Sister City International Convention, which was recently held in Toledo, Ohio.

October, 2002
The students are adjusting well with their American host families. And, they continue to adjust to the Newton Community High School. We hope they will show great gains by the end of the first semester. We had the pleasure to host a Ukrainian duet The Firebirds. If at all possible we hope they will return to the Newton Area.

November, 2002
OPEN welcomed the Armenian Interns by hosting a lunch at the Radisson Hotel here in Newton. The Annual Meeting of the OPEN organization will be held on November 17th. The program will include remarks from the Students, from the Interns and from our guest teacher Tatiana Yarmish, who is the teacher from Smila that spent on months at our school. Gifts will be presented to our guests. Attorney Ken Smith still is working on our claim from LOT Airline. The Happenings card was completed. Also, we decided to send $500 to the Smila Boys Orphanage.

December, 2002
The invitation to the Smila officials remains open. We hope they will be able to visit very soon.