Newton students pose with a standard commemorating the improvised American flag used to signal Russian troops before the historic Elbe River meeting. The original flag was painted on a bed sheet and featured five horizontal red stripes, a blue square and white stars.


O.P.E.N. board member and project chair Marvin Campbell holds the flag that he created to commemorate the Elbe River link-up.


O.P.E.N. board member Dr. Tom Hoover, Ph.D., interviews Bronze Star recipient Hubert Porter.


Veteran Marvin Weeks displays his military awards and decorations.


Interpreter Lyudmyla Melnyk discusses O.P.E.N.'s projects with sculptor Vladyslav Dymion.


Ukrainian sculptor Vladyslav Dymion gestures toward projects in his workshop.


Blocks of Anamosa Limestone at Weber Stone Company in Anamosa, Iowa.