.: Board Meetings

Minutes of the O.P.E.N. Monthly Board Meeting

1 September 2010

Meeting called to order at Newton Public Library by President Jane Ann Cotton.

Board members present: Warren Erickson, Rose Trapp Fritz Kramer, David Pitz, Larry
Hesson, Maxine Udelhoven, Tom Mott, Marvin Campbell, Tom Hoover, John McNeer,
Joan Tyler, John Taylor. Special guest Ann Geiger, of Davenport, representative of SCI
(Sister Cities International) for Iowa attended.

Grant Worthington, Barry Hurto, Vlad Bassis, and Irina Bassis notified the president
they could not attend.

Minutes of the 4 August 2010 monthly meeting approved as distributed electronically.

Treasurer’s Report filed for audit; Campbell covered the budget for the sculpture project.

Ann Geiger addressed O.P.E.N. regarding SCI's operations and direction, and services
intended for sister cities. Meetings will become more accessible to local organizations.
She urges ways to preserve O.P.E.N.'s history. Ann Geiger urged O.P.E.N. to “get
your information out to the websites and calendars of Iowa Sister Cities and Iowa Sister
States,” as well as to visit and contact other Sister City groups.

Student Update. Min-Hua Song, exchange student from Wu Chi Town arrived safely
in Newton and settled with her host family, Mark and Judy Monroe, who have kept her
busy at the outset of her year in Iowa. David Wu, of the Taiwan Economic Office in
Chicago, helped with her placement. May May Ng sponsored Min-Hua’s scholarship to
study in Newton with a $5,000 gift to O.P.E.N.

The Taiwan Economic Office in Chicago invited O.P.E.N. to share the Taiwan “Ten Ten”
celebration again this year, and some board members will take part.

Unfinished Business

Cotton sent O.P.E.N.’s Open World profile for visitors for the period 14 October to
22 October, 2011. Education is the emphasis again; Hoover volunteered to lead the
effort to schedule it. The coordinator of the previous group from Ukraine, Oksana,
currently has a job in the United States for three years.

Tyler reports that plans continue apace for the joint Dutch culture class, to be
presented in conjunction with DMACC and Central College. She hopes to have all the
presenters confirmed within a few days. Ann Geiger suggested O.P.E.N. try “E Pals”
(National Geographic) and Global Education (U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy) for
contacts. Altoona uses one of them for studies of China. Elkader uses one to facilitate
studies of Morocco.

New Business

Campbell moves, Pitz seconds, appointment of Udelhoven as treasurer to

succeed Trapp in that office. Motion carried. The transfer of duties will take place at the
beginning of the new fiscal year.

McNeer moves, Pitz seconds, that O.P.E.N. pay for medical insurance to cover
Campbell during a trip to Ukraine 4 October to 21 October 2010. Motion carried.
Campbell will seek new projects to advance objectives of O.P.E.N. while there. Our
cultural attaché invited him, along with Vladislav Dymion and Lyudmila Melnyk, to meet
at the U. S. Embassy in Kiev. Campbell requested Cotton provide him a letter from
O.P.E.N. While in Ukraine, the Kiev Post plans to interview him and four Ukrainians.

McNeer moves, Erickson seconds, that Worthington be excused on out of town
status from regular attendance at monthly board meetings. Worthington has studies in a
graduate program at Iowa in the field of hospital administration, but he will continue to
maintain the O.P.E.N. website and attend the annual meeting. Motion carried.

Davenport this year celebrated 50 years of a sister city relationship with
Kaiserslautern, Germany. Dr. Bernd Rosenberger, who lived for an academic year with
the Perryman family in Newton and is now a professor of math at a German college, will
arrive with the official delegation and will visit here. The Perrymans no longer live in
Newton, but Cotton obtained some information for Professor Rosenberger from them.

Table flags are being checked to make sure O.P.E.N. has the Taiwan flag.

McNeer moves, Pitz seconds, that O.P.E.N. express thanks to Cotton for her
efforts to identify a host home for Min-Hua; to Campbell for his hours of work on the WW
II Linkup and the commemorative sculpture projects; and to Hoover for his work on the
WW II Linkup and the commemorative sculpture projects. Motion carried. Thanks to
those individuals for their successful work. The board will have its photo taken with the
sculpture, at the Jasper County Historical Museum, at a time to be announced.

Next meeting 6 October 2010 at 7:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mott, Secretary