.: Board Meetings

Minutes of the O.P.E.N. Monthly Board Meeting

3 November 2010 

Meeting called to order at Newton Public Library by President Jane Ann Cotton.

Board members present: Warren Erickson, Rose Trapp, Fritz Kramer, David Pitz,
Larry Hesson, Maxine Udelhoven, Tom Mott, Marvin Campbell, Tom Hoover, John
McNeer, Joan Tyler, and Barry Hurto.

Grant Worthington, Vlad Bassis, and Irina Bassis notified the president they could
not attend.

Minutes of the 3 November 2010 meeting approved as distributed electronically.

Treasurer’s Report filed for audit. Udelhoven uses MS Money software for the financial
records, so treasurer reports appear somewhat different from previous reports.

Student Update.

TECO Ten-Ten trip. The Cottons and Min-Hua arrived in Chicago early for the celebration.
They introduced her to the officials and others she needed to meet, including David Wu, May
May Ng, and an Iowa state senator. May May invited Min-Hua, the Cottons, and Min-Hua’s
host family to her offices in Wes Des Moines.

The student's grades are good, and the photos on her Facebook page show she is busy and
having a good time. She posts good quality photos.

Unfinished Business

Dutch Culture Class. The class ended on schedule last week after a successful run. The
cooperation between DMACC, Central College, Pella, and Newton worked out well for a
convenient sized group of 33 participants.

O.P.E.N. Board meeting location 2011. The current meeting location in the
Library won't be available after next month. Hoover reports that the schools administrative
annex will be available for use for O.P.E.N. Cotton reports the Center for Arts and Artists
could be available, but until no later than 8:45 a.m. Pitz moves O.P.E.N. use the Annex
Building. McNeer seconds the motion. Motion carried.

New Business

Annual Meeting. The annual meeting will take place 21 November 2010 at 3:00 p.m. at
United Congregational Church. Min-Hua will present. Cotton will contact May-May Ng or
David Wu for their availability to attend and speak. Cotton will write an invitation letter for
mailing to contributors. Board members will supplement the invitation letters by telephoning
contributors. Hesson will furnish cookies to go with coffee and cold beverages.

New Board Member. McNeer moves the appointment of Jane Johnson to the O.P.E.N.
Board. Pitz seconds the motion. Motion carried.

Exchange Student 2011-2012. If O.P.E.N. chose to support an exchange student next year,
the process would have to begin at once. Lack of funds at this time makes it impractical to
undertake that in successive years. Campbell moves O.P.E.N. not support an exchange
student 2011-2012, for the reason of a reduction in funds available. Tyler seconds the
motion. Motion carried.

O.P.E.N. 20th Anniversary. Campbell inquired in Ukraine on his last visit there whether
the original December 1991 delegates to Newton could help commemorate the 20th
anniversary of the event. Campbell met with all three individuals, Anatoly Schpak, Yuri
Kotolup, and Yuri Malovichko, as well as individuals who could assist as translators.
Campbell proposes they come to Newton for 10 to 14 days in either spring or fall 2011. He
would drive them and document their visit photographically; others could host a delegate and
his translator in their individual homes. Their expenses will include airfare, visas, and medical
insurance for each delegate and translator. Of those expenses, each delegate will pay the
airfare for himself and his translator. Cotton, McNeer, and Campbell will meet and create the
project. Mott moves that O.P.E.N. support this project, excluding payment of airfare. Hoover
seconds the motion. Motion carried.

Next meeting Wednesday 1 December 2010 at 7:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Mott, Secretary