.: Board Meetings

Minutes of the O.P.E.N. Monthly Board Meeting

6 October 2010 

Meeting called to order at Newton Public Library by President Jane Ann Cotton.
Board members present: Rose Trapp, David Pitz, Larry Hesson, Maxine Udelhoven, Tom
Mott, Tom Hoover, John McNeer, Joan Tyler, Dan Goetz, Warren Erickson, Barry Hurto.

Fritz Kramer, John Taylor, Grant Worthington, Vlad Bassis, Marvin Campbell, Irina Bassis
notified the president they could not attend.

Minutes of the 1 September 2010 monthly meeting approved as distributed electronically.

Treasurer’s Report filed for audit.

Student Update. Cotton reported on Min-Hua's Arrival Orientation. She tries many
activities – play, show choir, family activities, homecoming – and has good grades in
her academic classes. Cotton has required reports filed timely. Min-Hua will attend the
Ten-Ten observance in Chicago this weekend with the Cottons. Hoover moves, Hesson
seconds, O.P.E.N. pay for her hotel room and parking, at $281.50 estimated cost. Motion
carried. Worthington will also attend.

Unfinished Business.

Dutch Culture Class. Tyler reported on the first session, off to a good start. 28
people signed up and paid. A Pella builder presented the first hour on Dutch architecture.
After a recess with Dutch pastries, Erickson presented lesson one of the Pimsleur Dutch
language course. DMACC purchased two sets of the course, 16 audio CDs, which will
soon be available for public check out and use.

New Business

OPEN World Recognition Reception. Hoover attended the recognition conference
at the ISBA offices in Des Moines. Iowa ranks in the top ten of states in Open World
participation. Some Russian judges and lawyers attended, as did two Des Moines judges
and a representative for Senator Grassley.

OPEN Annual Meeting. Cotton reminded of the need to conduct an annual meeting,
which O.P.E.N. traditionally holds in the month of November. Annual meeting tentatively set
for Sunday 21 November 2010 at 3:00 p.m.

OPEN 20th Anniversary. Cotton reports that Campbell took to Ukraine with him a letter
of invitation regarding the 20th anniversary commemoration. Campbell will share it with
surviving members of the first delegation from Ukraine in 1991, and with others.

Board Meeting Location for 2011. Cotton contacted the Newton Public Library as usual
in September to schedule meetings during 2011. From the beginning of the year, however,
groups can use the library meeting rooms from 9:30 a.m., a time which will preclude the
O.P.E.N. board's continuing to meet in the traditional location. Hoover and Cotton will pursue
inquiries for alternative venues.

Next meeting Wednesday 3 November 2010

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Mott, Secretary