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Consul General of Ukraine in Chicago, 1999

Consul General of Ukraine in Chicago, Borys Mykolayovych Bazylevskyi

Consul General of Ukraine in Chicago, Borys Mykolayovych Bazylevskyi

Consul General of Ukraine in Chicago, Borys Mykolayovych Bazylevskyi, was born August 6, 1944 (in Kiev).

Received higher diplomatic education at the Moscow Institute of International Relations, graduating in 1969 with a degree in foreign relations, Specialist in Asian affairs.

After defending his doctoral dissertation in the field of international law, was conferred the degree of Doctor of International Law.

Between 1969 and 1990 worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. During that time, served as a member of the diplomatic corps in Pakistan and later was assigned to various scientific and research institutes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Did special research in the problems of prognostication in foreign relations, particularly as concerns international security. In the period between 1979 and 1981 was assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of what was then the Ukrainian SSR.

His political activity dates back to 1989, when he initiated the establishment of an association of Ukrainians in Moscow, and later was one of the founders of the Society of Ukrainians in Russia. As the national liberation movement grew in Ukraine, supported moves to strengthen the organizational life of the Ukrainian Diasporas on the territory of the former USSR and to increase the political activities of Ukrainian organizations in Russia. In 1990 became one of the founders of the Moscow branch of the National Movement of Ukraine, and then of other branches of the organization in Russia.

At the beginning of 1991 he returned to Ukraine and was invited to work on the administrative staff of the Supreme Rada (Parliament). He headed the Secretariat of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Supreme Rada until his appointment as Consul General in Chicago in June of 1999.

Prior to the declaration of Ukrainian independence he participated actively in the preparation of draft laws aimed at institutionalizing and stabilizing the sovereignty of Ukraine.

From the first days of the emergence of the Ukrainian State he played a leading role in the formation of Ukraine's diplomatic corps. In the years since 1991 led efforts to ensure Ukraine's participation in a range of European and Euro-Atlantic parliamentary organizations, in particular the Parliamentary Assemblies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), of the Organizational for Security and Cooperation in Europe, of the Council of Europe, and the parliamentary Assembly of the Central European Initiative. For many years he was an organizer and participant of Ukrainian parliamentary delegations to these forums. At the same time, Dr. Bazylevskyi continued his academic work, taking part in international and Ukrainian conferences on foreign policy and international law, publishing articles in various newspapers and scholarly journals.

Dr. Bazylevskyi speaks Ukrainian, English, Urdu and Russian, and understands Polish.

He is married, and has two daughters.